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About Referall      


Referall is a licensed real estate broker offering individuals the opportunity to keep their Arizona real estate license active and receive monetary compensation by registering and referring their past and present clients to full-service, full time real estate brokers.  When you have a friend, relative or client that wants to buy or sell real estate, you now have the opportunity to refer them to a professional.  Most people will be glad to let you refer them.  They know you and trust your judgment.  The advantage to your friend, relative or client is that the full-service, full time agents often work harder with a referral because they have someone to answer to and because they want you to refer more business.

You can earn real money in real estate just by referring your clients to the real estate professional of your choice.  You are able to keep your hard-earned real estate license active, stop paying hundreds of dollars every year in association fees and collect an income that can accumulate from simply handing over your real estate referrals to qualified full time professionals.  After the transaction closes, Referall will send you a check for your portion of the agreed upon referral fee.  Don’t let your Arizona real estate license go to waste!

Referall eliminates the stress and worry of leaving the business and instead makes it enjoyable and profitable.  Referall benefits both the inactive agent as well as the active agent.

Unlike some “referral networks” Referall has no minimum production standards. You can keep your license with us as long as you like and send as many referrals as you like without the threat of penalties or removal from the network.

If you have been searching for an easy and affordable way to keep your real estate license active and be compensated in the real estate industry, you are at the right place!